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After All...

Despite all the things that I said about my brother, and all the crap he's put our family and I through, I never meant the hurtful things I wrote. I was just writing out of anger, as a means to vent. But now he's making great strides towards his goal of living a drug-free life, via outpatient rehab, therapy and medication, and I couldn't be more proud of him. No matter what, I'll always love my brother, even if a moment of weakness should come about where my love for my big brother comes into question.
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I wish it were Christmas right now...

I feel like a child saying that, but it's true! Why? Because I'm getting a Green iPod Shuffle for Christmas! I know it's cheaper and not as elaborate as the other iPods, but I like it, and it has character. Besides, I'm sick of burning CD's and will take anything to replace that ><()
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My brother...

...the biggest idiot I've ever had the displeasure to come in contact with. I can't stand him, and I don't give a damn if that makes me a bad person or banishes me to hell. That's right everyone, it's one of those posts, so brace yourselves.

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Homework update!

I just received an e-mail from a classmate of mine who has talked to the instructor directly and has informed me that we won't be penalized for this assignment being (technically) late! *does a jig*
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Ethics homework

So yesterday my first homework assignment for the term for my course philosophy (ethics) was due. Fine. Completed the chapter quiz and finished the homework, ready to turn in when I realize that there's no link on the course's main page for me to turn my assignment into. So after three e-mails and constant refreshing of the homework page in hopes the teacher might suddenly post a link, I wasn't able to turn in my assignment DX It just burns me up. These types of bugs should be sorted out before the term starts. Oh, and I still haven't heard anything back from him, so my assignment has yet to be turned in.

I thought I was dehydrated today due to the bout of diahrrea I've been afflicted with the past week, but my doctor deemed me healthy enough to avoid a trip to the ER. Still have the diahrrea though (don't you just love my updates?)
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I'm sorry

that I keep posting these quick, sort of depressing/boring posts, but it's really starting to suck to live at home. The dirty looks, the paranoia, the fighting over my brother's bad choices. I'm starting to get stressed out, which probably attributes to my stomach problems. What can I do though if he's not willing to change nor has he tried? Are we all going to be in some kind of pain, mental or physical, for the rest of our lives?
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You know..

it kind of sucks how hot a laptop can become after you've had it turned on for a while. I feel like I'm baking DX

Last night, my brother was acting absurdly loopy, so while he is on pain medicine for his kidney stones, it was still...strange. I don't know what to believe anymore--is he on illegal drugs again or is it really the prescription? I just don't know. Oh, and my mom found a bottle of her diabetic medicine in his room. What the hell!? I don't even think there's any "side effects" (you know what I mean) in that kind of medicine, so now all pills regardless of their use are locked up in the downstairs' filing cabinet. And my stomach hurts so...

Okay, that's all. I'm crazy tired, but not sure why. I slept fine last night. Bye!
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Hmph. I'm a chump and fanfic writer.

Now I kind of feel bad for writing that entry "Oh I am SO pissed!!!" entry. But not much, 'cause now I have a great coping mechanism: writing fanfiction! Whenever I'm feeling too stressed, whether it be issues with family, school, friends, or anything else, I shall emerse myself in writing. I'm even taking two LJ communtiy prompt challenges: a_to_z_prompts and 10iloveyou. After all, since my brother returned from jail on Friday my house has turned into a 24-hour fight zone. I've had enough, and I can't continue to bottle my feelings up inside. So wish me luck with this experiment of sorts and with the writing challenges.
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Oh I am SO pissed!!!

My brother is a goddamn idiot!! Okay, so on the tenth (I think it was Friday)...

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...so yeah. That's what happend. My brother is an idiot, and I don't care if he does or doesn't know I continue to lock my stuff up (after he'd stolen $600 worth of my DVDs, videogames, and the like) or that I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, which isn't far. The ungrateful bastard can piss off.